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Emeral & evergreen about me

Emerald & Evergreen was launched due to many significant circumstances. My name is Darby Santos, and I am the owner here at Emerald & Evergreen. Many of you returners are curious about the name change, new branding, equipment upgrades, and all things E&E. I will get to that, but let me introduce myself to all the newbies here. 

In 2017 I became a business owner with one idea in mind: spending maximum amounts of time with my son as possible, while still being able to put food on the table. I started off as only doing custom apparel, with humble beginnings I was working out of my apartment with a terrible quality printer, being a one man show: making designs, printing apparel, fulfilling orders, taking pictures, doing all the social medias, you get the point... On top of this madness I was a full time student, going to school to get my teaching certification, and a 24/7 momma. In 2018 I launched my  PNW inspired women's apparel collection for Absolute Apparel. In 2019 I met my soul mate and the man who would help me get this thing REALLY goin. In 2020 we completely upgraded and flipped this business to be able to help all customers. We set up a complete screen print system in our itty bitty garage and got after it. We have all sorts of clients ranging from comedians to elementary schools. We offer the latest styles, hottest trends, and highest quality apparel brands. We’re proud to be a local small business that treats our clients like family, giving every order the care and attention it deserves. We use other Spokane small businesses whenever we can to help support this community. We love the Community in Spokane and everything the PNW has to offer, we love showing off where we call home. 

 If I were to be done being a business owner right now I'd be extremely thankful and thank God everyday just for what its given me this far, but luckily  this is just the beginning. 


Meet Mak:

Since the day I started this business she has been hands on helping with graphic design stuff, we have always collaborated and tried to figure out a way to merge both her graphic designing and my printing business. WE FINALLY DID IT! I could not be more freakin excited to have one of the best graphic designers in the biz and will be our in house designer. When you work with us with your designing needs she will be the one who makes your logos and designs your apparel!