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About Emerald and Evergreen

I (Darby Santos) founded Emerald and Evergreen  with one idea in mind: spending maximum amounts of time with my son as possible, while still being able to put food on the table. I started off as custom apparel, which was great and still goin strong, but now I am pursuing my dreams and focusing on starting my own PNW inspired women's apparel collection. Being a single momma I could not be more thankful than the time custom apparel has allowed me to be with my son. Every order I get I truly do a happy dance, in which most of the time my son joins in. One thing i'm extremely passionate about is to be on the other side of that happy dance, to work with small local business owners and local mommas who are working hard to spend time with their little monsters and be able to provide for them as I do. I have been able to add two extremely important team members who help me be creative, help make the apparel, and keep me sane.  EVERYONE involved with Absolute apparel is local; from artists, to the place we buy mailing envelopes from, to our social media guru, the ink we buy for the shirts,  and everyone in between. If I were to be done with Absolute right now I'd be extremely thankful and thank God everyday just for what its given me this far, but luckily  this is just the beginning.  Thank you for letting me dance, be silly, and attempt to be a "professional" business owner.


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