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The first sip of coffee. Old oversized hoodies. Sleeping in the woods. Falling in love. Seeing people happy. Dog cuddles. Long road trips. Disney movies. Loud gyms. Quick flights. Watching a storm. The smell of pineSol. Popcorn. Weddings. Swimming in the Ocean. Making new friends. Sleeping babies. Sunday drives. Growing plants. Old songs. Children laughing. Naps. Being at home. Coffee after dinner. Reaching goals. Clean sheets.

& the perfect tee from Emerald + Evergreen.

Meet the Owner

Emerald and Evergreen began with very humble beginings, working out of my small appartment in the middle of the night with less than average equuipment. Today I have built a brand that represents some of my favorite things and help bring others ideas to life with custom orders. My husband and children keep me inspired and motivated. This is just the beginning of Emerald and Evergreen, thank you for being here.

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